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Hello Kitty (Japanese: ハロー・キティ Hepburn: Harō Kiti) (full name: Kitty White (キティ・ホワイト Kiti Howaito)) is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi.
Several Hello Kitty TV series, targeted towards children, have been produced.

Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold, brand owner Sanrio says on its website.
Christine Yano, an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii, told the Los Angeles Times that she "was corrected — very firmly" by Sanrio that Kitty was not a cat.

For the Hello Kitty fanatics:

Hello Kitty made her debut in 1974.
She became available in the United States in 1976.
Her birthday is on November 1st, making her a Scorpio.
Hello Kitty is in fact British.
Her full name is actually "Kitty White." I know. What?!
She comes with no mouth because they want people to "project their feelings onto the character" and "be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty." Another explanation Sanrio has given for her lack of a mouth is that she "speaks from the heart.
Her blood type is A.
Her parents' names are George and Mary.
She has a twin sister named Mimmy.
Hello Kitty's height is "five apples" and her weight is "three apples. Which, according to our calculations, makes her about 1 foot and 8 inches tall and puts her weight at 1.5 lbs.