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Boyds Bears: From our humble roots as a small antique shop in Boyds, Maryland starting all the way back in 1979, Boyds bears have been making people smile for over 30 years! Today, our dedicated design team is still centered not too far from where it all began, in our Hanover, PA office. They continue to create the most unique teddy bears and friends with the highest quality, detailed craftsmanship, and the very cutest faces. Try to hold a BOYDS bear and not smile - we dare you!

As our brand continued to grow, we recognized the ongoing consumer need for fabulous and affordable gifts and home décor items. As a result, our line expanded to include dressed and naked plush characters, holiday ornaments, toy-tested pieces for ages 1 and older, resin Bearstone figurines, treasure boxes, Angels, and home décor. With just a bit of creative inspiration, our talented designers and hand craftsmen bring each BOYDS piece to life using only the highest quality materials in order to create the very best gifts for all occasions.

Whether you're looking for that special gift, or just need a big old bear hug for yourself, we know that you will find a new friend from one of our many collections that will be sure to delight and inspire! Once you invite a Boyds bear into your home, a fun new adventure begins.