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The pottery was established in Waldsassen in 1866 by Johann Mathäus Riess who gained experienced in the C.M. Hutschenreuther factory. He died a year later and the business was taken over by his son Johann Riess. New owner started in 1875 production of porcelain.

The factory fell into financial trouble and in 1884 was sold to Wilhelm Schreider. Already in 1885 it was sold again. This time new owners were Max Jena, Ernst Ploß and Oskar Bareuther. New name of the company was Porzellanfabrik Jena, Bareuther & Co. As Max Jena left the business in 1887 it was renamed again and till 1904 operated under the name Porzellanfabrik Bareuther & Co.

At the turn of the century the factory gained an excellent reputation. In 1904 the factory was transformed into a joint-stock company. In 1930 employing some 700 workers. Unfortunately it was almost completely demolished during the WWII. Despite this, they hired a large part of Porzellanfabrik Königszelt A.G. employees, who were forced to leave Silesia as the region was declared Polish. In 1949 the factory was fully operational.

In 1969 they merged with Gareis, Kühnl & Cie. and continued production as Porzellanfabrik Waldsassen Bareuther & Co. A.G. As most of German porcelain producers, in 1980s and 1990s the factory had to compete with cheaper foreign production. In 1994 they filed for bankruptcy.

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