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Barbie Going Home White Swan Adoptions #2 in Series by Mattel.


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Barbie Doll, Going Home, White Swan Adoptions, Second in Series. This fine collectible is truly rare and in like new condition. This lovely doll is 11 1/2 inches tall. This beautiful piece comes in original box, packaging. All of the products inside are Mattel brand. 

A truly splendid story behind:  “Going Home Barbie” doll. She is a gift to adoptive families who stay at the White Swan Hotel. Apparently, during the duration of your stay, Barbie will magically appear on your pillow. The doll has been issued on a donation basis from Mattel since 2001. Quite a few years ago, almost all of the 6,000 adoptive families stayed at the White Swan Hotel on Shamian Island because the U.S. consulate was located on the island. (U.S. citizens must exit through the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou while most other countries exit through Beijing.) These days, the consulate is no longer on the island and there is an abundance of nice hotels for a much cheaper price. The White Swan Hotel ranges from $100 to $160 per night depending on the type of room requested. The only reason to stay at the White Swan is to receive a “Going Home Barbie” aka “White Swan Barbie”... Enter the tension. 1: The product is only available to adoptive families who stay at the White Swan Hotel. 2: Going Home Barbie is simply not for sale. This lack of availability has made some adoptive families unhappy enough to create a  petition pleading with Mattel to sell the Barbies. Mattel hasn’t budged. Here is your chance to own this very rare and highly collectible Barbie doll. This Barbie Doll is a super rare collectible piece and it is in new condition. New in box. (Box has wear) Please see photos. MINT - The item is in perfect condition. 


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