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Dorbz Disney "Alice in Wonderland" Vinyl Collectible by Funko.


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Dorbz Disney "Alice in Wonderland" Vinyl Collectible by Funko. #115. Released 2016. Alice in Wonderland is a film adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Tim Burton that was released on March 5th, 2010, and was released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 1st, 2010. The story begins with Charles Kingsleigh trying to sell his project to some men. His talk is interrupted by 6-year-old Alice who had that nightmare again. She tells her father she saw many strange creatures including a dodo bird, a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat, a smiling cat, and a blue caterpillar. Alice wonders if she has gone mad, which Charles responds she is. He tells her that all the best people are mad. Thirteen years later, after her father's death, Alice attends a party with her mother at the Victorian State. Made in Vietnam. DORBZ are small vinyl figures manufactured by Funko. Most stand at about three inches tall. All DORBZ figures are meant to be adorable, which is shortened to "adorbs" to create the name. DORBZ is one of the most popular Funko lines today, behind the Pop! collections. Unlike Pop! with its different categories, DORBZ figures are uniquely gathered under one roof, except for a few DORBZ Star Wars and Freddy Funko exclusives, which are featured lower on this page in their own respective tables. This collectible item is brand new and in sealed condition. In original box. (Box has minor wear) Please see photos. BRAND NEW - Conspicuously new and unused.