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Hot Wheels - Special Edition - Hot Haulers 4-Car Collection by Mattel.

Hot Wheels

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Hot Wheels - Special Edition - Hot Haulers - A Four Car Collection. Made by Matty Mattel toys. Hot Haulers Collection consists of four mint vehicles: Chevy S10, Deora II, 1969 El Camino and Surf Crate. America's love affair with trucks gains momentum with this hot haulers collection. These cool custom pickups reflect the very essence of Trucking in America. Big and powerful, they get the respect and attention they deserve. Whether hauling bales of hay on the farm or surfboards to the beach, trucks on the road and the hearts of those who drive them. The four Hot Wheels - Special Edition - Hot Haulers vehicles are: Chevy S10, Deora II, 1969 El Camino and Surf Crate. Chevy S10 - The Chevy S10 pickup was the in sport truck of the 80's. The fiberglass hood, ground effects, lower chassis and outrageous custom paint job made it the hottest truck cruisin' the streets, Southern California style. Deora II - The first Deora concept was designed to carry surfers and their long boards to the beach. The Deora II, an original Hot Wheels design with two removable surfboards, preserves the flavor of sun, sand and surfing for all time. 1969 El Camino - The coolest of all the pickups, the El Camino offers sedan styling with the strength and versatility of a truck. Whether you use it to carry your surfboard or take your best girl on a date, this truck really hauls. Surf Crate - Another Hot Wheels original that reflects every trucks lover's dream, the Surf Crate is straight out of the designers drawing board. This 60's - style hot rod with removable surfboard captures the elusive spirit of surfin' and truckin'. Made by Mattel. Circa 1999. Hot Haulers Collection was made in China. These four vehicles come in 1:64 scale. Measurements are (approx.) 3 inches long. These vintage collectible items are brand new and in sealed condition. In original box. (Box has minor wear) Please see photos. BRAND NEW - Conspicuously new and unused