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M. I. Hummel "Heavenly Angel" Figurine by Goebel.

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This is an M.I. Hummel "Heavenly Angel" Figurine by Goebel. Western Germany. Truly a beautiful angel, she is holding a candle hoping for world peace. A fine piece carries the trademark 2  - TMK 2. (1950 - 1959) The bottom of this angel figurine is stamped with: 21/0, the trademark 2 symbol, the words: Western Germany and the original title: Heavenly Angel sticker. Measurements are: 4 1/4 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Considering its age, this angel is very nice. This vintage collectible and it is in gently used condition. No original box. Please see photos. NEAR MINT - Almost perfect, any imperfections will be extremely minor.