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Miniature Sitting Elephant Figurine by Lenox W/Comp Box.


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This is a Small Sitting Elephant Figurine by Lenox. One fine item from the Lenox Collection, it is made of cream bone china. Also, the four feet and eyes of this miniature porcelain animal is accented in gold trim. The friendliest giant is an elephant. They are thickset, usually extremely large, nearly hairless, herbivorous mammal (family Elephantidae, the elephant family) that has a snout elongated into a muscular trunk and two incisors in the upper jaw developed especially in the male into long ivory tusks: (1) : a tall, large-eared mammal (Loxodonta africana) of tropical Africa that is sometimes considered to comprise two separate species (L. africana of sub-Saharan savannas and L. cyclotis of central and western rain forests) — called also African elephant (2) : a relatively small-eared mammal (Elephas maximus) of forests of southeastern Asia — called also Asian elephant, Indian elephant. A retired Lenox piece. Measurements are: 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide. This vintage item is collectible and it is in like new condition. No original box. (Comes with complimentary box.) Please see photos. MINT - The item is in perfect condition.


PLEASE NOTE: There are two magnificent elephants available for sale.