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Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper with Blaster Pistol and Rifle Action Figure

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Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper. The Power of the Force Action Figure. 1996 Star Wars Episode 1, from Collection Two. Offered with The Power of the Force - Action Figure & Accessories. One cool Action Figure, he comes with a Blaster Pistol and Rifle. Originally released in 1996 - Retired / Out of Production. Made by Kenner. Rebel Fleet Trooper's measurement - height is 4 1/4 inches tall. Box never opened. This collectible item is brand new and in sealed condition. In original box. (Box has minor wear, its package has storage wear.) Please see photos. BRAND NEW - Conspicuously new and unused.

A lil history about: The Rebel Troopers, also known as Rebel Fleet Troopers, Rebel soldiers or Alliance troopers. They were the front line soldiers of both the early rebel movement and later, the Rebel Alliance in the early war against the Galactic Empire and later the Galactic Civil War. Initially formed from loosely connected resistance cells, the leadership of Mon Mothma saw them become an impressively armed and trained galaxy-spanning infantry.