The Black Series

Star Wars: The Black Series (TBS) is an ongoing Star Wars toy line produced by the Hasbro company starting in 2013. The toy line includes action figures, vehicles, Force FX lightsabers, collectible items, and more. A fourtieth anniversary collection was released as part of the line in 2017.

Many of the actions figures are based on characters from the movies, the shows, books, comics, and video games from both the Star Wars Legends continuity and canon. Legends honorable mentions include Bastila Shan, Darth Malgus, Darth Plagueis, and Galen Marek. This also includes Legends characters in the Hasbro's Black Series Fan Choice throughout the years: Mara Jade Skywalker in 2012, Revan in 2015, and Jaina Solo in 2016. Grand Admiral Thrawn was also announced at Celebration Orlando as an upcoming figure in the six inch line of figures, announced by Timothy Zahn (Thrawn's creator) and Dave Filoni (the one responsible for bringing Thrawn into canon in Star Wars Rebels).
A special Black Series Titanium vehicle modeled after the First Order TIE Fighter was given out for free to subscribers for Star Wars Insider.

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