Vanished! A Game of Mystery by bePUZZLED.


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Vanished! A Game of Mystery by bePUZZLED A mystery game in which the players get to play detective. Players observe passengers on a hotel elevator trying to keep track of who went where with whom. The Game of Who Went Where With Whom and When! Vanished! is a fast paced mystery game that challenges your powers of observation. You are the hotel detective keeping tabs on all the odd characters traveling the hotel's unique elevator. But watch out, it's easy to lose track as the characters seem to vanish right before your eyes. This fun game pieces are: Cardboard, Wood, and Plastic. Game pieces were made in Germany. Circa 1990. (Please see back of box.) Measurements are 10 3/4 inches tall by 3 7/8 inches wide by 3 5/8 inches deep. This item is brand new and in sealed condition. In original package. (Package has minor wear) Please see photos. BRAND NEW - Conspicuously new and unused.