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Yuletide Romance Barbie - Hallmark Special Edition Doll.


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This is Hallmark Special Edition - Yuletide Romance Barbie Doll. As the year draws to an end and Winter's chill arrives, it is time to Deck the Halls, hang the mistletoe, light the yule log,, and send season's greeting to loved ones and special friends. In the romantic spirit of the season, Yuletide Romance Barbie doll is dressed elegantly for the holidays in an emerald green velvet gown. The fitted jacket is trimmed with golden embellishments are the matching brooch and ring holiday gifts from her hands up beau? A couple featured in this authentic holiday image seems to have slipped away on observed from a social gathering in the parlor for a quiet, affectionate moment together. Their gentle embrace is the perfect ending to a sentimental holiday evening. Inspired by the time of year, Hallmarks creative staff research the Design Collections, Hallmark Archives. They discovered a charming greeting card, now the basis for the third and final. Doll in a series of Special Edition Barbie dolls created exclusively for homework. The enclosed miniature posters are authentic replicas of postcards from the early 1900's A nostalgic Hallmark greeting card comes to life with this charming and demure holiday Barbie doll. Her dark green velvety jacket is accented with opulent golden trim. An emerald green satin skirt billows out beneath the jacket while a golden bow and shimmering "brooch" add a festive holiday accent. From her strawberry blonde hair, piled elegantly atop her head, to her velvety handbag and matching green pumps, Yuletide Romance™ Barbie® doll brings you the warmth and nostalgia of the holiday season. Made circa 1996. Measurement is 11 1/2 inches tall. This rare vintage item is collectible and it is in like new condition. In original box. (Box has minor wear.) Please see photos. MINT - The item is in perfect condition.

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