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Chicken Little "Abby Mallard" Candy Dispenser by PEZ (B).


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This is a Chicken Little "Abby Mallard" Candy Dispenser by PEZ. This cute item is Abby Mallard a female duck (implied swan) with buckteeth, orange beak, orange feet, wearing a purple shirt with pink flower on it and two hairbands, which hold up her hair. A slight speech impediment and a long, asymmetrical face earned her an unfortunate nickname from the less polite kids at her school. She is accustomed to being teased for her appearance, and takes a generally optimistic approach to life. She is Chicken Little's best friend and harbors a secret crush on him. Also, she was a deuteragonist of the 2005 animated film. Includes 3 rolls of PEZ candy. Please do not eat the candy since it is many years old. Just the right find for PEZ Collectors. Made in China between 1991 and present. With feet. Measurements are: 4 1/4 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches wide by 1 1/4 long. This collectible item is sealed in new condition. New in bag. (Bag has minor wear.) Please see photos. MINT - The item is in perfect condition.

Note: We also have "Abby Mallard, Chicken Little and Fish out of Water" on a card and in a bag, new and available in the NATG store.