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Talking Bender Bending Rodriguez from Futurama by Toynami.

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Talking Bender figure from Futurama. Says all of your favorite Benderisms. Ribcage compartment opens so you can put things inside. Made by Toynami Inc. Circa 2011.

Bender Bending Rodriguez is a Unit 22 Bending Unit Made in Mexico, child number 1729 of the robotic arm mother and a father killed by a can opener. He is a heavy drinker and smoker for mechanical reasons but he pathologically steals, cheats, and lies for fun. His electricity dependency is under control. He is 40% zinc, 40% titanium, and 40% dolomite, but he was briefly made of wood and once converted into an Olympic medalist fembot. He is a devotee of All My Circuits, having appeared on the show after serving as a water heater for it star Calculon (whom he stalked and nearly married). He toured with Beck, escaped from Robot Hell, and suffered the curse of the werecar. You know, the usual stuff.

Bender went onto college and majored in Bending and minored in Robo American studies. This Bending Unit 22 is proof positive that every desktop needs a Talking Bender Figure before it can be considered complete.

This 9 inches tall Bender will gladly chat with you when work gets boring. Just press a button and he'll deliver you over a dozen of his classic lines. Open up Bender's ribcage compartment and see what's going on inside! Or just wind him up and let him walk all over your TPS reports. He doesn't care. He is Bender, your new best "anywhere" friend with an attitude.

One cool talking Bender figure from Futurama. He says all of your favorite Benderisms including... "Would you kindly shut your noise hole?!" "Who are you and why should I care?" "Shut up and pay attention to me, Bender!" "I'll open my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the park!" "Hasta La Vista, meatbag!" "Hey sexy mama, wanna kill all humans?" "Do the Bender, do the Bender! It's your birthday! Do the Bender!" "Aww, here's a little song I wrote to cheer you up. It's called let's go already!" "Bite my shiny metal ass!" "Well, that was dumb." "Goodbye losers whom I've always hated!" and "Shut the hell up!"

Measurements are: 9 inches tall. This item is brand new and in sealed condition. In original box. (Box has minor wear) Please see photos. BRAND NEW - Conspicuously new and unused.