New York Yankees Stadium 1000 Piece Puzzle by Dowdle Folk Art.

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From an original artwork by Eric Dowdle comes this amazing puzzle of the New York Yankees Stadium. The box measures 7.5" x 7.5", there are 1000 pieces for the puzzle and once completed the puzzle measures 18" x 24". If you so choose this high end puzzle can carefully be coated with Modge Podge (available at most hobby or arts & crafts stores or online) and framed. This collectible sports puzzle is done by Dowdle Folk Art. The puzzle pieces are still sealed in original bag and is in like new condition but no suitcase. (Puzzle box has minor wear.) Please see photos. NEAR MINT - Almost perfect, any imperfections will be extremely minor. (Due to not having the original suitcase that came with this product, makes this a NEAR MINT offering.)